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Is your small business struggling to take a big step towards growth?

The TOP with Super Joe Pardo will jump-start your business growth by helping you and your team focus on the TOP (your Team, Offer and Process). We are looking for businesses that have stalled in their growth or are struggling to survive. Your business will be brought to life for others to see, learn about and from, all-while bringing game-changing ideas to the table to spark growth in your company and in yourself. Episodes air on BizTV in 40 markets (including NYC, Atlanta, Philadelphia, LA and more) and reach 44.3 million households nationwide (see if you get the channel in your area).

After 2 decades of helping business owners excel and grow their business through process optimization, communication, and technology, Super Joe Pardo (award-winning business owner, podcaster and best-selling author) was asked to put together a TV show, that would take his passion for helping business owners like you!

Super Joe Pardo will come out to your business for 1 day with his film crew and shoot a 30-minute episode of The TOP with Super Joe Pardo. Episodes will feature you, your business and your team as we discover and engineer opportunities to spark growth in your organization. 24 hours is all Super Joe Pardo has to diagnose the key issues staling growth in a small business. Utilizing secret shoppers, guest experts from around the world, and over 2 decades of experience Super Joe will provide eye-opening analysis and a roadmap to success for the small business and the business owner. Relieving pressure on the owner and their team by helping all of them focus on the TOP (Team, Offer and Process).

Does it cost anything to be on the show?

Nope! We compensate you for allowing us to help your business with publicity and a $2 bill because we give 200% when it comes to helping businesses and life in general. 🙂

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