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Beyond The Curtain with Joe Pardo

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Beyond The Curtain with Joe Pardo

Announcing a new release schedule, and a slight format change! Also Joe Pardo
talks about the show so far and where it’s heading!
Starting this week Joe Pardo is changing to a new release schedule which is
Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Joe has decided to take a step back from releasing
5 days a week, because he has a lot going on that he talks about in this 20
minute monologue.

Joe Pardo talks about some of the feedback he has received so far with the show.
Joe Pardo discusses about how the show really came about to be, and what was and
has been going on with my life since before the show got started.

In this episode Joe Pardo also announces that he is working on his first book,
which is really exciting news! As well as what the new format for Wednesdays
will look like!

Sorry that this post is written in the third person, but search engine
optimization requires that my name be everywhere, lol!

I really want to hear from all of you! If I can help you in anyway, please reach
out! I am also looking for questions that can be answered on my Wednesday shows
with my guest co-hosts! Just click here or the giant button on the top left hand
side of the website that says “Write 2 Joe”. I look forward to hearing from all
of you, and helping you achieve your dreams!
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Episode 78 [Beyond the Curtain 1]

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