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Business Mentor Sees Information Differently George Kao

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Business Mentor Sees Information Differently George Kao

George Kao started mentoring because he felt his calling to help the world and
has changed his whole approach to mentoring!

George Kao is a business coach who felt he wanted to leave a bigger legacy and
impact on the world. He decided to reverse the logic of selling all of his
information and give it all away for free. Now George Kao coaches one-on-one and
that is what he charges for. He is a highly motivated, spiritual and insightful
guy who made his love of helping others into a career when he quit his job to
help the company he worked for at the time (a startup).

Feeling that money for that startup could be better used in other ways, George
Kao, left (after quitting three times). What turned out to be a fortunate move
for him was to not find a job and enabled him to find a job working for himself
that he is passionate about. Definitely enjoyed having George Kao on the show,
and look forward to having him on again, so much great knowledge and inspiration
shared here.

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