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Casie Lane The DeeJayPreneur

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Casie Lane The DeeJayPreneur

Casie Lane is showing DJs all around the world the path to making DJing be their
full time career while being taken seriously by their mom with!

Friend of Dreamers Podcast, David Michael of, had Casie Lane,
Kilma, and I on an episode of his podcast. That is how I met Casie Lane, and we
have been friends ever since! I love what she has been able to build so far, and
loving even more what is on the horizon for her and her website

Teaching other DJs how to take their passion and enjoyment of DJing to the next
level, a professional level. Casie Lane has DJed in some of the biggest night
clubs around the world and battled some huge naysayers who felt that DJing
“isn’t for girls”.

Episode 193

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