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From Lunch to International Retreats with Lauri Saltar

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From Lunch to International Retreats with Lauri Saltar

Lauri Saltar is a highly motivated dreamer with dreams as big as islands and
loves helping others find their paths to their dreams!

Today I have Lauri Saltar on to talk about how she got started in consulting
others into making their dreams reality. A New Jersey native (woot!) who decided
to move to the Dominican Republic at the age of 18 to pursue her dreams. Lauri
Saltar has more than 30 years entrepreneurial experience on the East Coast,
Central America, and in the Midwest. She uses her expanded knowledge of
marketing, branding, media, and product development to position her clients for
increased success.

Ms. Saltar has an extensive background in television in the NY area. As owner of
several successful service oriented companies, her clients included NBC, CBS,
ABC, CNBC, WWOR, WOR, and Bloomberg LP. Currently, Lauri Saltar is producing and
hosting Focus Forward, a cable TV show she created that is sponsored by Saltar
Solutions. In true talk show fashion, Focus Forward features a host of
international entrepreneurs, dynamic speakers and award-winning authors. The
goal of the show is to fortify entrepreneurs with future trends, edgy ideas and
a global perspective.

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