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Phill and Eve Vanderpool’s Move To Disney World

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Phill and Eve Vanderpool’s Move To Disney World

Phill and Eve’s dream was to move to Disney World from New Jersey!

They went from meeting each other to getting married in just over two and a half
months. Being highly motivated, knowing what they want, and being supportive of
each other, they got married and soon had their daughter on the way.

A couple weeks into being together, they decided to take a trip to Walt Disney
World as part of a trip to Florida because neither of them had been there since
they were young. They fell in love with everything about the area, the
lifestyle, and the people who they found were like minded. So they set out their
plan to move to Disney World, and with a few bumps along the way, as well as
some very fortunate timing, they made their dream a reality!

They have been married for nearly five years, and Eve has worked very hard to to
make her own business thrive so that she could work from home, and support her
family as well. Eve talks about working a lot of hours, and even sometimes
working for free. But it seems like all of her entrepreneurship attitude, drive,
and dedication is paying off!

One thing that didn’t get mentioned in this episode was that they are both avid
runners. I hope when I do a follow up show with them, that we can dive into
their running lifestyle. When I was down in Disney World for the Expedition
Everest 5K Challenge, the two of them were together as a team and finished in
the top 10!

Coincidentally, today is the 5 year anniversary of meeting each other for the
first time. Happy 5 year anniversary to both of you!

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Episode 20
[00:00:00],000 — [00:00:05],40
this is the dreamers podcast where
dreamers shared their stories to inspire

[00:00:05],40 — [00:00:06],330

[00:00:06],330 — [00:00:12],000
now join host Joe Pardo as he interviews
a dreamer who’s living their dreams

[00:00:24],470 — [00:00:29],329
welcome to the dreamers podcast I’m your
host Joe Pardo and today I’m

[00:00:29],329 — [00:00:33],800
interviewing bill and Evander pool who
are living their dream by moving to

[00:00:33],800 — [00:00:35],29
Disney World

[00:00:35],30 — [00:00:38],239
welcome to show felony hey yeah thanks
for having us

[00:00:38],239 — [00:00:41],480
thanks for being on the show I really
appreciate it so let’s start by giving

[00:00:41],480 — [00:00:43],640
everybody a background about yourselves

[00:00:43],640 — [00:00:50],540
ok so basically our phil and i met in
2009 and we’re living in New Jersey and

[00:00:50],540 — [00:00:55],489
we’d come to florida for vacation and
just being Florida we both decided to go

[00:00:55],489 — [00:01:01],309
to Disney World and i’m at that point we
didn’t have that full-blown disney

[00:01:01],309 — [00:01:06],500
obsession on but however after that
first trip it’d really made a second

[00:01:06],500 — [00:01:12],710
trip and you on we got married hot water
and then really things started taking

[00:01:12],710 — [00:01:18],110
off we want DBC we started coming down
at the drop of a dime just because we

[00:01:18],110 — [00:01:24],20
had to come back down and just became so
ridiculous that we decided we kind of

[00:01:24],20 — [00:01:29],240
had to just go with it go with it in a
big way we needed to move down there we

[00:01:29],240 — [00:01:36],979
needed to live in florida so we made the
move to South Florida Phil’s job we let

[00:01:36],980 — [00:01:41],390
him work down there and we moved to
South Florida and then that wasn’t

[00:01:41],390 — [00:01:48],800
possible so we had to move to orlando so
the next goal is to orlando area and we

[00:01:48],800 — [00:01:55],548
did that and you know basically it’s the
story of how all that progressed on over

[00:01:55],549 — [00:02:00],560

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