Welcome to the Super Tank!

Where Business Meets Humility.

Do you have a business or product that you are looking for an investment and partner to help grow faster? Joe Pardo has created the Super Tank to enable you an opportunity to work with him on your business. Apply for this Shark Tank-style experience and potentially walk away with an investment and a business partner.


Current Investment Fund Available

Requirements For Your Pitch Video

  1. Under 5 minutes in length

  2. What is your initial offer (Example: 7k for 5%).

  3. What is your cost and what are you selling for.

  4. What are your current sales dollars for the year and is it growing or shrinking.

  5. What is your customer acquisition cost.

  6. What will you do with the money.

  7. Tell us a little of your background and why you are the perfect person to operate your business.
  8. What is your plan to grow the business.
  9. Why do you think Joe Pardo would be a good investor for your company.


  1. Create your own pitch video for your business or product for Joe to watch, react and judge on his YouTube Channel.
  2. Pitches need to be uploaded to Youtube as an "Unlisted" video so it can be shared to Joe.
  3. Apply with your Information and Pitch video link below.
  4. You agree to allow Joe Pardo to use the video on his channel, no matter the outcome.
  5. The best pitch videos will be invited on for a one-on-one live stream to go through the negotiation process to strike a deal.
  6. Apply anytime, there is no deadline.
  7. Investment fund increases every month by portion of YouTube ad revenue generated on Joe's channel.
  8. The total investment fund is the maximum amount of money up for grabs by an individual company.
  9. Yes, this is for real money and a real stake in your business.
  10. This is open to businesses outside of the United States.

Submission Form

Super Tank