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Podcast Movement Started With Jared Easley

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Podcast Movement Started With Jared Easley

Jared Easley, the co-founder of Podcast Movement, picked up on the need for a
conference dedicated to the podcasting community!

Jared got his start in the podcasting world by launching his first podcast,
Starve The Doubts. He was so determined to find someone else to accomplish
outside of his 9 to 5 sales job. Jared felt the need to do something else with
his life even though he was crushing it at his job.

Jared decided he wanted to start podcasting as a way to fulfill his creative
needs. He couldn’t afford formal classes from Cliff Ravenscraft, but decided to
email Cliff and find out if he could work with him on a payment plan. Cliff
graciously agreed to work with him on the $800 fee by hashing out a payment

While attending a conference that incorporated some aspects of podcasting, he
overheard some people talking about how they wish there was a conference
dedicated to podcasting. That’s when he got the idea to take the initiative and
start his own conference, but he didn’t know what he was going to do next.

Eventually Jared contacted Gary from Podcamp Dallas about joining forces and
starting up a podcast conference in Dallas, Texas. Together they started
recruiting both volunteers and podcast friends to speak at the event. Jared also
shows how just asking for something can turn into a great opportunity. He
contacted Phillip Taylor and got an hour long phone call together, where
Gary and Jared could ask lots of questions to get them on their conference
starting way!

As a proof of concept, Jared reached out to his podcast friends to reach out to
their listeners with their email lists. This allowed Podcast Movement to really
start moving forward. Podcast Movement got it’s biggest boost when in the first
9 hours of posting to KickStarter, they raised the $11,000 that they were asking
for to rent a conference center in Dallas. At the end of the 30 days on
Kickerstarter, they had found themselves with over $30,000!

To date, they have sold more than 550 tickets for the conference, being held on
August 16 and 17th in Dallas, Texas. If you can’t make it to Dallas, they are
selling virtual tickets that will offer up HD video recordings of every speaker
and panel!

I recommend everyone go and check out Podcast Movement even if you are only a
little bit interested in Podcasting!

Episode 37
[00:00:00],000 — [00:00:05],40
this is the dreamers podcast where
dreamers shared their stories to inspire

[00:00:05],40 — [00:00:06],359

[00:00:06],359 — [00:00:12],000
now join host Joe Pardo as he interviews
a dreamer who is living their dreams

[00:00:16],670 — [00:00:18],880

[00:00:18],880 — [00:00:21],880

[00:00:24],539 — [00:00:29],220
welcome to the dreamers podcast I’m your
host Joe Pardo and today I’m

[00:00:29],220 — [00:00:31],648
interviewing Jared easily

[00:00:31],649 — [00:00:37],440
who is living history through podcasting
evangelist are through being a podcast

[00:00:37],440 — [00:00:42],300
evangelist welcome to show Jarrett I do
I’ve been called a lot of things so I

[00:00:42],300 — [00:00:43],19
mean that you know

[00:00:43],19 — [00:00:46],620
sticks and stones my friend but hey it’s
an honor to be on your show and yeah

[00:00:46],620 — [00:00:50],550
dude i hope that everyone listen to this
podcast they don’t think of anything

[00:00:50],550 — [00:00:54],269
else that they don’t have any other take
away if they just keep hitting play on

[00:00:54],269 — [00:00:57],119
this podcast consistently it’s going to
encourage him it’s going to give new

[00:00:57],119 — [00:00:58],259

[00:00:58],259 — [00:01:02],489
it’s just going to open them up to new
things and that right there is a win

[00:01:02],489 — [00:01:04],559
that is a step towards success

[00:01:04],559 — [00:01:09],179
that’s a step toward accomplishing a

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