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Stacey J Aswad Must Do Disney Host, Actress, VO Buzz Weekly Co-Host

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Stacey J Aswad Must Do Disney Host, Actress, VO Buzz Weekly Co-Host

Having a brain between her ears has always been a big goal for host of Must Do
Disney, Stacey J Aswad, who really is just a wonderful person and performer at
Growing up Stacey J Aswad just loved performing for her family, and always
hamming it up whenever possible! Her parents were very receptive to her wanting
to perform in any way she could and encouraged her. Stacey and her sisters even
got to grow up performing in artistic roller skating competitions. While she had
a safety net of applying to other colleges, she was very fortunate to get
accepted to Juilliard School  so she could pursue her dreams of dance and
performing. Being able to attend Juilliard opened doors for her along the way
and kept her on the path of acting which led her to her role doing Must Do
Disney which can be seen on Disney World property as soon as you turn on the TV
in the hotel rooms!

Stacey now lives in L.A., all the while doing lots of charity and animal
adoption work. She also is the co-host of a weekly podcast called VO Buzz Weekly
where they interview people in the voice over industry! VO Buzz Weekly has
turned into a world renown show as her and her co-host receive emails from all
over the world about how they have touched their lives!

I am absolutely ecstatic that Stacey would take the time to be on Dreamers
Podcast! She is really a great person and deserves more success than she already
has for what she does for the world. I really hope you enjoy this interview!

I hope everyone has a safe and magical weekend! There is big news coming, so
stay tooned!

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Episode 71

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