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Steve Swanson Of The Muppet Cast

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Steve Swanson Of The Muppet Cast

The Muppet Cast has been a very long run podcast, run by the great Steve Swanson
who is now bringing it back online!

I am so happy that long friend of the show and previous guest Beatrice
Feeney connected me with the  long time podcaster and huge Muppet fan, Steve
Swanson! Steve and I share a deep love for all things Muppets so it was fitting
to have him on the show to talk about not only his love of Disney and Muppets,
but how he became a podcaster for 8 years! Now as the Muppets make their way
back into main stream once again, Steve has brought his beloved podcast, Muppet
Cast back to life!

Episode 188

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